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"____________ could you please go into the forest and gather these herbs" asks your mother handing you a basket.

"Sure" you take the basket and walk out of you little home.

You and your mother lived a bit away from the village. It only took 2 mins to get to the village if you ran so it wasn't that far, but it was closer to the forest. Your mother was the village doctor. So that's why you lived closer to the forest so you could gather the herbs faster needed to make medicine. Though since you lived so close to the forest it put you two in danger from the demons. You enter the forest walking deep into the woods you were picking herbs when you hear something behind you. You turn around to see a demon behind you.

"Food…Human….eat" says the demon walking toward you.

You pick up your basket and start running. Thorns and branches cut you and your clothes as you run through the forest.

"HELP! Someone help me!" you yell as you run.

You trip over a root and hit the ground hard.

'Blasted root had to trip me now' you think to yourself.

You get your foot away from the root and look up. You scream because the demon is in front of you.  You turn to run but, the demon grabs you. You hit at it, but it won't let you go. The demon is about to kill you when you hear someone yell

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!"

The demon's hand gets cut off and you drop to the ground. You see a boy around your age jump in front of you. He had a huge sword in his hand which he cuts the demon with it.

"See your safe now" you hear the boy say before you faint.

You wake up and try to get up. You hear your mother say

"Lay back down honey. You hit your head pretty hard when you fainted"

"But what of the-" you get cut off

"The demon is dead"

You look to see the boy that saved you sitting inside your house.

'I was going to ask about you' you thought to yourself.

You see now that the boy had long white hair and he had white dog-like ears! You get up and kneel in front of him.

"W-what are you doing?" he blushes and tries to get away, but you take his ears into your hands.

"They're so soft. They're real too" you say.

"Of course they're real" the boy says angrily.

You stop feeling his ears and say

"I'm ___________. You are?"


He gets up.

"Where are you going?" you ask.

"I got to go find my friends" he says walking out of your home.

Your heart sinks. You didn't want him to leave for some reason. You follow him out of your home.

"Inuyasha please could you please stay a few days. I. um, d-don't… um,um," you stutter out.

"Spit it out" he yells angrily.

"I-I don't want you to leave yet" you whisper.

"What?" he asks.

"I don't want you to leave" you say looking at him.

He turns his head. You swear that he was blushing.

"Um, I guess I can stay for a day or two" he says.

Your heart soars. You're so happy that you tackle him in a hug.

"Thank you so much" you say happily.

Realizing what you were doing you blush and let him go.

"I, uh, I" you stutter.

"It's ok. Let's go back home. Your mom will be worried about you" he says taking your hand and walking back to your house.

You heart beats fast as he holds you hand and walks toward your house.

'What is this feeling?" you think to yourself.

Over the next few days you and Inuyasha talk a lot even though he didn't want to talk in the beginning. You didn't mind that he was a half demon. He stayed a whole week instead of a day or 2. You were falling in love with him. You were scared to confess to him because you didn't know if he felt the same way about you. On the 7th day you wake and looked around Inuyasha wasn't anywhere in your home. Your blood runs cold you run out of your house and crash into Inuyasha who was carrying wood. The wood pieces fly into the air and one of the pieces hit you on the head.

"OW!" you say rubbing the top of your head.

"You ok ___________?" asks Inuyasha.

"Uh, I think so" you say.

You start to pick up the wood to put inside. Inuyasha helps you carry it inside.

"_____________ come with me" says Inuyasha taking your hand.

You nod and follow him. He takes you to a clearing that you and he only knew about.

"_______________ I'I have to go" he says not able to look you in the face.

Tears start to form in your eyes.

"I-I don't want you to g-go. Please stay. I love you!" you say crying.

You hug him not wanting to let go.

Inuyasha hugs you back.

"I-I love you too ______________" he says.

He puts a finger under your chin and tilts you head up kissing you. You kiss him back. He grabs your waist and pulls you close as you wrap your hands around him. The need for air breaks you two apart.

"____________ I love you, but I have to go but I will come back some day" says Inuyasha before leaving.

Your tears fall onto the ground. You were sad that he left, but you knew he would come back someday.

Extended ending

Kagome takes another look around on the horizon. Sighing she turns and says

"Sango I don't think he's here. Let's check somewhere else"

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo sigh. They have been looking for Inuyasha for a week now and they still haven't found him.

"Yo! Who you looking for?" says someone behind them.

They turn to see Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha!" everyone yells.

"Where were you?" asks Shippo.

"That's a secret" says Inuyasha.

A scary aura starts forming around Kagome.

"I bet you caught Kiyo's scent and that's why you left!" yells Kagome glaring at him.

"I did n-" Inuyasha gets cut off as Kagome yells


Inuyasha slams to the ground.

"Let's go everyone" says Kagome walking away.

Inuyasha looks up to see everyone leaving him.

"Hey wait up" he says getting up.

'God I hate that sit spell, but I'll withstand it until I get to see ___________ again" he thinks to himself as he runs to catch up.
A request from:iconecho-uchiha:
I hope you like it

First time writing a Inuyasha reader insert. Sorry if I made him out of character. It's been a while since I watched Inuyasha so I don't really remember the way he acts.

I actually uploaded a story that isn't at midnight. OMG! I'm not sleepy! Not I'm sleepy like hell.
Anyway I hope you guys like the story.
Comments are always awesome!

Inuyasha:whoever created InuYasha
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LOL! Great story!
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