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animefan5228 has started a donation pool!
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I am trying to get a Premium Membership that one you can get for 3 months.

Anybody who donates will get to request a story even when I'm not taking requests. Even if you donate 1 point I will still write you a story.


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Sorry everyone for being gone and not uploading anything. Hopefully I'll be able to write something over the weekend and upload it on here. See you later
:iconsayhiplz:Ok people! To get me out of my forever year long writer's block. I need requests!
I'll write from any anime I know, but first ask me if I know the anime enough first and the pairing so I can tell you if I can write about it or not.
Reader inserts, yaoi, yuri, or striaght couple fanfictions I will do.
Animes I know: (just writing a few I know and will write about)
- Pokemon
- Inuyasha
- Attack on Titan
and etc.
Ok and maybe I might do ocs, but I won't do it if you end up asking for extremely specific story. :iconwatchitplz:

And to make it easier for me. Please request like this.
Good requests: (this is just an example)

Anime: Hetalia
Paring: Prussia x England
Genre: any
Rating: M
Other info: Can it be done while they are fishing.

Ok see that's a good request. Has a bit of a limit on what I can write, but still enough space where I can write freely.

Bad requests:

Anime: InuYasha
Pairing: Inuyasha x Oc fdshglk
Genre: romance/ smut/ horror/ ......(proceed to name every genre)
Rating: M
Other info: Yea, like make it have Inuyasha use that move in episode 23, and my oc has to be like all awesome and stuff. But make her use moves like kagome does in episode 54
Also make Kaede so up oh and make Rin be in there and .......................................:iconguaahplz:.............................. paragraph later it ends

Ok don't do that. Please I've had people do that before.
Here is a blank slate if you want to copy and just fill in.

Other info:

*(Rating is done like this.
G- kid stuff. Normal fanfiction no need of any warning label
M- Will need a a label for some description of ex:smut scenes, gore stuff, and etc
R- really descriptive ex: smut scenes, gore stuff, and etc. Will need label badly. Shouldn't need 18+ warning, but if needed I will put it up.
(Does deviantart even have he 18+ warning label still? Don't know since I can view everything since I am 18.)

Ok dokey so I think that should be good enough. I hope.
I will only take 10 requests for now.
I will post another journal when I have all the requests filled.

Thank you guys and talk to you all later.

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  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Watching: Hetalia season 5 episodes
  • Drinking: Tea


animefan5228's Profile Picture
Forever a Prussia lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
United States
Please click on my eggs!

Click Me!

I love Hetalia. Also if you comment my stories I do read your comments. I just don't reply to every single one.
I am having so much fun writing stories for you guys. It's fun.

Some info about me
:bulletblue: My name is Patrycja
:bulletblue:I am Polish
:bulletblue: I love making things. Even the most random things.
:bulletblue: My fave color is blue!
:bulletblue: Prussia is my fave character from Hetalia. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am also a Prussia rper and also I cosplay as him even though my cosplay sucks)
:bulletblue: I speak English and Polish. (I can't write in polish I suck. I'm learning but its hard. I can read but it will take me awhile. I am a failure to my country TT.TT)
:bulletblue: I write more reader inserts than other stories. My grammar isn't the best so bear with me.

Anime I have watched
:bulletgreen:Inuyasha(I watched the whole thing.)
:bulletgreen: Ranma 1/2
:bulletgreen: Pani Poni Dash!

Manga I have read:

:bulletblack:Fairy Cube
:bulletblack:1/2 Prince (I wish they would hurry up and finish it. I want to read the ending so bad>.<)
:bulletblack: Bio Planet WoO (also known as Seibutsu Suisei WoO)

Places I have been in
:bulletred: Poland (I've been all over there)
:bulletred: Hungary (We drove there from Poland, but we only visited the capital, Budapest)
:bulletred: Italy (Rome down we had visited but not much we saw. We did go onto one of the islands and we went to Pompeii! :squee:)
:bulletred: America (Illinois,Florida,Michigan, and thats it. We don't go much around, but hopefully we will go soon to Arizona to get cactus candy!)
:bulletred: Mexico (We only went to Puerto Vallarta we didn't get to go anywhere else)

Places I hope to go
:bulletpurple: England
:bulletpurple: Germany
:bulletpurple: Egypt
:bulletpurple: Japan
:bulletpurple: China
:bulletpurple: Italy (I want to visit more places in Italy. It is a beautiful country so I want to see more since when we went we visited everywhere with my mom's friend that was a nun. Traveling with a nun is not fun )
:bulletpurple: Hungary (I only visited the capital so I want to visit the rest of the country)
:bulletpurple: Romania
:bulletpurple: America (to visit more places)
:bulletpurple: Canada
:bulletpurple: Scotland
:bulletpurple: Spain

My friends on here who I know in real life :)
:iconmocha12214: My awesome friend since 1st grade
:iconsitting-on-the-moon: My awesome friend from middle school
:iconoflightandshadow: My bruder West! Awesome bruder ever!~ (not really my bruder just hetalia family wise she is my bruder)
:iconnarukurotera23: An awesome drawer and awesome friend! A 1/2 prince addict like me. Now also my wife! >w< Me the awesome Prussia is married to North Italy! Luv ya wife XD ha! See Russia I am married with Italy not you!
:iconkawaii-miyu: My awesome friend!

I haven't roleplayed much, but I have done it a couple times and it has been fun. So if you want me to roleplay with you on Skype. Note me and I we'll figure out how to find each other

:iconfavnrun1plz::iconfavnrun2plz:APH Scotland Stamp by FannochkaAPH Poland Stamp by FannochkaAPH Romania Stamp by FannochkaAPH USUK Stamp by FannochkaMOE. by AlchemyOtaku17Stamp: FrancexUK by JanbearpigAPH: I love Prussia Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Arthur Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH:I love Liechtenstein Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Feliks Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Feliks x Toris Stamp by Chibikaede:thumb157186294:APH: Antonio x Lovino Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Arthur x Francis Stamp by ChibikaedeSupport reading stamp by DeviantSith

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